This Douche Figured Out The Secret To Making College Hoes’ Panties Drop, And It Involves Impromptu Serenades You know what’s awesome? Fuckin compliments. You know what’s even better? Getting serenaded

by a bunch of random dicks who’ve taken the time to coordinate their outfits. With this in mind, Youlube user Trent Toney has not only found the secret to my rotten heart, but apparently dozens of other hoes’ as well. And surprise them you did, Trent. The video itself is harmless and worth a few good laughs, but you know what’s even better? Butthurt ugly whores in the comments section shitting all over Trent for “harassing” hoes. You bicthes aware that this is Youlube and not Tumblr, right whores? It’s a harmless video and 99% of the hoes look flattered, simmer your tits. #WTF #wtfnews #cunt #prank