Waka Fucka’s Commercial For Pine Brothers Cough Motherfuckin Drops Is Damn Everything. Per usual, the American Music Awards were full of shit. Sure, Taylor Swift was ex-girlfriend crazy and Kate

Beckinsale was looking freaking hot per usual, but any award show that claims One Dick Direction as the best artist of the year is trashy garbage and a waste of time. Did I fuckin mention Pitcow was hosting? If you were like me and watching Giants-Cowboys or some random pornhub vids, you missed this incredible commercial from Waka Fucka Flame for Pine Bros Cough Drops. It aired during the AMAs. The message is fuckin clear: Smoking weeds = sore throats. Sore throats = Cough drops. The more shit we collectively smoke, the more money Pine Bros makes from its cough drops. Having Waka Fucka as a spokesperson just makes fuckin sense. I love how the free market works. #WTF #wtfnews #cunt #wakaflocka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXFspfkzHgA