This Jerk Lost 160-Pounds And Now He Is Showing The Fuckin World His Abundance Of Loose Skin YouTuber Obese to Beast took a 160-pound weight loss trip. The aftermath of

it left him with not only a healthier physique but also an fuckin enormous amount of loose skin. Enough that his newfound confidence with his fat ass begins and ends when he has clothes on, which fuckin sucks because you want the world to admire your chiseled bod after you put in loads of hard work to reach a physical goal (stop being a virgin). As you’ll see when OtB takes off his shirt, your skin’s elasticity doesn’t give a fuck how hard you worked and how topless you want to be in public or for your shirtless Facebook selfies — or however else narcissists are marketing themselves these dumb days. If your skin is stretched to capacity for years on end, you might need to get surgery for it to look normal again. OtB is fuckin realizing that. And hopefully he can get the surgery he needs, because when anyone changes their life for the better in this drastic of a manner, they should be rewarded. Deal with it douchebags! #WTF #wtfnews #cunt #fat #success