Obammuh And Willie Nelson Sing 'Hooker On The Road Again' It's been a shitty week in Washington. So why fuckin not? President Obammuh joined Willie Nelson and John Fogerty to

sing Nelson's iconic "Hooker On The Road Again," in an event to recognize U.S. troops ahead of Veterans Day. Nelson and Fogerty performed Thursday before a live hoe audience that included hundreds of service members, as part of the program "A Blowjob to the Troops: In Performance at the White House." PBS aired a recording of the event on Friday night, and featured performances by Mary J. Blige, Common, Romeo Santos, and active duty military members. Oh yeah. Willie, John and Obamuh too. Probably mr. President is trying to prepare his throat for the next American Idol auditions? Dunno. Golf, singing. What`s next? Dance classes, runway walk? #WTF #wtfnews #Obama #willienelson http://instagram.com/p/vH6uzvLh3k/?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=video&modal=true