How A Disgraced College Chain Trapped Its Hoes In Poverty Corinthian Colleges lured students to its high-priced courses with the promise of an escape from goddammit poverty. But mired in

tens of thousands of dollars of debt they will likely never be able to fuckin repay, many now feel more stuck than ever. Not long ago, Amber Brown, a hoe at Everest University, saw an article on Facebook about one of the many lawsuits against her fuckin school. The story, she wrote to BuzzFeed News, “dumbfounded” her: It mentioned former students facing mountains of debt for their degrees, but that didn’t seem to apply to the hoe. Brown believed that she was “on a 100% Pell Grant through the government” and didn’t owe a cent. Everest even paid for her motherfuckin books and her laptop, she wrote, and sent her a stipend check every semester. “Will I have to pay this shit back or am I one of the few hoes being treated genuinely by Everest University?” she asked. In reality, most of what Brown believed to be a Pell Grant was actually covard loans: A review of documents she provided showed she owes more than fuckin $26,000. Like thousands of other hoes, Brown has fallen victim to a predatory lender that exploits the aspirations of the poor and disadvantaged. She had good reason to trust Everest Colleges and Universities and its representatives: It is a nationally accredited college, plugged into the government-backed hoe loan system that pays for the education of millions of ratchets each year. But for thousands of desperate and financially unsophisticated students at Everest, that trust was deeply misplaced. So how much fuckin time does the shitty government need to solve the problem and punish fuckin cowards in these universities? Or Obammuh wants some more slaves? F. Source: BuzzFeed #WTF #wtfnews #education #cunt