Beyoncé Is Fuckin HOT, Turnt, And Twerking In Her Panties In Dope-ass New Video Called ‘7/11′ On TGIFriday evening Beyoncé dropped a music video for a new trashy song called

“7/11.” Honestly, it’s one of the most fuckin turnt up music videos I’ve ever watched, with Bey dancing her fat ass off and sippin’ from a Solo cup around a dope penthouse apartment. Every hoe you know will be “obsessed” with this video by Saturday evening. Look, I’m the last dick to give a fuck about Beyoncé. I actually secretly despise hoes who are obsessed with her and treat her like she’s the greatest thing since Nutella. But you have to believe me that the video she just dropped motherfuckin great. The song + visuals should sell itself, but let me call your attention to A PYRAMID OF FAT BOOTY. #WTF #wtfnews #cunt #beyonce